Value Added Injection Molding Services

Get more than quality plastic injection molded parts and over molded components here. Service Tool and Plastics

Automated and Manual Assembly

You can contract Service Tool and Plastics to do more than injection mold your parts. We also offer over molding and full assembly manufacturing. We can handle everything from complex manual assembly of molded parts with integrated electronics to automated high-volume product assembly. Having a single shop handle your injection molding needs and product assembly can save your company time, money, and logistical challenges. As you can see below, assembly work is just one of our value added offerings and can be paired with other services that can make contracting us even more beneficial.
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Post-Molding Services Include Distribution Solutions, Bar-Code Labeling, and More

Upon completion of our injection molding or full assembly work, you can contract our team to do even more. Examples of our post-molding solutions include:
  • Repacking and Distribution Services
  • Quadrant Planning for Productions
  • Supplier Forecasting
  • Customer Complaint Reporting/ Analysis
  • Custom Bar-Code Labeling
  • Competitive Shipping Rates
You are welcome to contract us to provide all these value added services or none. We aim to be a flexible injection molding shop that is built around offering tailored solutions to our customers. To learn more about the above options or to ask us about a custom value-added service not listed here, you can reach out to discuss your needs.

Value Added Molding Services for the Automotive Industry, Medical Device Makers, and More

The suite of value-added injection molding solutions we offer is intended to serve a variety of industries. With customers in the automotive space, medical device manufacturing, consumer goods, and more.

In the case of injection molding for medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, we have 3,000 sq ft of Cleanroom molding space. This allows us to safely mold, assemble, and even pack parts you contract us to produce. If you need a plastic part made that is free of contamination, our clean room has everything needed to get it molded and shipped safely.

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