Clean Room Injection Molding and Assembly

Clean Room Injection Molding and Assembly

At Service Tool and Plastics, we can handle medium-high volume clean room injection molding and assembly work. Our ISO Certified injection molding business has 5 decades of experience serving the unique needs of medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. To work with these industries, we maintain a cleanroom on site and our staff is trained on best practices involved in using it. From our clean rooms design to the special gear our molding team wears, we keep contaminants away from our equipment and the parts we produce.
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Serving Medical Device Manufacturers with Clean Room Injection Molding

Our team understands how vital it is to keep medical device components completely free of contaminants. When there is a future patient who will be receiving care with the device we help to produce, there is no room for error when it comes to keeping parts clean.

Our clean room and state-of-the-art press equipment allow our team to produce parts that are not just safe for end-users and patients but can also feature intricate designs. From one-off pieces with complex geometries to over molded components, we have the skill and equipment needed to get the job done.

Maintaining 3,000 Square Feet of Clean Room Molding Floorspace

At our 50,000 square foot facility in Henderson, KY, we have 3,000 square feet dedicated to clean room injection molding and assembly work. This space is designed to allow us to control the air, temperature, and employees who have access inside. In addition to maintaining the proper environmental conditions, our employs who operate the presses and equipment in this room are trained to wear proper hair nets, masks, gloves, and other sanitary garments.

Contract Us for Clean Room Assembly

Another benefit of contracting Service Tool and Plastics to perform clean room injection molding work is that we can handle assembly too. Generally, if molding requires a cleanroom setting, product assembly will as well. We can handle both parts of the job to provide you with a combined solution and keep your assembled product(s) free from contaminants. You can contact our team to discuss your clean room injection molding and assembly needs. A brief discussion and review of your project will allow you to determine if our experienced team is right for the job.
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