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ISO Certified Injection Molding

Service Tool and Plastics is a trusted source for injection molding solutions. We provide low-cost, high-quality molded products for Appliances, Automotive, Defense, Medical Device industries, and more.

About Us

ISO-Certified Plastic Injection Molding

Service Tool and Plastics offers high quality molding and assembly services to provide cost effective manufacturing solutions. Our experienced team can work with both parts manufactured by us directly and parts purchased elsewhere to find the best solution for your needed components. With our ISO 9001:2015 certification and quality assurance program, we meet customer requirements with precision and efficiency keeping quality high and costs low. We put our 5 decades of experience and 60 high powered machines to work for you to produce high quality results you can be confident in.

Quick Turnaround

Our in- house design and development capabilities, CAD/CAM tooling and prototyping gives us the ability to quickly launch new projects.

Offshore Tooling Capabilities

Our experienced team is capable of managing any of your offshore tooling requests. We have spent many years building close relationships with some quality shops in Asia.

Efficient Production

Our Lean Manufacturing setup includes process reviews to drive improvement. The goal of our continuous improvement initiatives are to improve quality, reduce cost, and assure customer satisfaction.

High-Performance Products

Our Partnership Philosophy means your product will be designed and developed to ensure success.

Proactive Customer Service

Our team provides quality, service, and project management throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

Over Molding for the Automotive Industry and Beyond

Our over molding work is well suited for complex molding jobs. With over molding, multiple parts can be molded together and prepared for assembly. At Service Tool and Plastics, we offer both over molding and assembly work that can involve complex parts with high expectations for precision such as over molded products with integrated cabling.

Clean Room Injection Molding and Assembly

Service Tool and Plastics has 3,000 square feet of clean room molding floor space that is protected from dust, debris, and biological contaminants for medical or pharmaceutical parts. We are accustomed to handling injection molding work that must be free from any form of contamination, as we use state of the art practices, equipment, and gear to maintain cleanliness at all times. Given that patients will be using these devices or components in the future, we know that there is no room for error when it comes to keeping them safe from contaminants.

Plastic Tooling with State-of-the-art Tool and Die Manufacturing Equipment

ISO-certified plastic tooling services from Service Tool and Plastics include die cast dies, plastic injection molds, trim dies, jigs, fixtures, laser welding, 3D scanner, reverse engineering, and offshore tooling. By combining our high-end advanced testing equipment with our quality assurance program, our plastic tooling capabilities offer precision and efficiency with your exact specifications met under a fast turnaround time.

Value Added Injection Molding Services

In addition to injection molding solutions, we offer value added services including testing, welding, full assembly, and more. Our team has experience working with complex components like molded parts with integrated electronics alongside automated high-volume product assembly. Our value added services offer the same commitment to efficiency and quality that you would expect from our other capabilities such as quick turnaround and high performance products.

  • Assembly: Automated & Manual
  • Branson Sonic Welding
  • Hoffman Static Balance Testing
  • Insert Molding
  • Hot Stamping
  • Outsourced painting
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Advanced Digital Manufacturing, SLA 3-D Printing
Service Tool and Plastics

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